【英文缩写】 ITS

【英文全称】 International Theological Seminary

【中文解释】 国际神学研究院

【缩写分类】 机构组织哲学

【缩写简介】 International Theological Seminary can be distinguished by its name. It seeks to be an International Reformed school with a variety of students and professors from around the globe. The school's doctrinal position is expressed in the forms of unity accepted by the Reformed family of churches: the Westminster Confession,Belgic Confession,and Heidelberg Catechism. These confessional standards are basic to the seminary's life,thought,work,and spirituality.


英文缩写 缩写分类 中文意思 英文全称
ITS交通运输 中间层测试 Intermediate Level Test Set
ITS经济管理 跨市场交易系统 intermarket trading system
ITS轻工业|机构组织 Intertek测试服务公司 Intertek Test Service
ITS电子电工 智能型传输系统 Intelligent Transportation System
ITS电子电工 信息技术部 information technology system
ITS电子电工 独立电视服务 Independent Television Service
ITS电子电工 信息转换系统 Information Transfer System
ITS电子电工 信息传输系统 Information Transmission System
ITS电子电工 插入测试信号 Insertion Test Signal
ITS电子电工 智能交通系统 Intelligent Transport System
ITS电子电工 国际电信业务 International Telecommunication Service
ITS机构组织|哲学 国际神学研究院 International Theological Seminary

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